The secret to making delicious sauce

In order to get the delicious and attractive dishes. One of the most important elements are the good soups.. There are many different types of soups which are popular with everyone such as: mushroom soups, vegetarian soups, seed soups…

Being vegetarian for the good healthy is the trend for many options nowadays. However, Not everyone know how to choose the raw material and processing them with the good manners. Here are some tips to make the best vegetarian dish, you can refer to your daily meal.

The soups from mushroom:

The soup which is cooked from mushroom is the most ingredients for the best Mushroom hot pot.

Sweetness from this kind of food sources always stimulates taste in any food. But for the water to be used, the cook needs to be meticulous, otherwise the soup will be bitter and have an unpleasant odor. First, do not use fungus, wet for processing. After cutting off the foot of the mushroom, soak it in diluted salt water, wash it thoroughly. Put a small amount of ginger into the water, boil over, then dip the mushroom in the water in order to deodorize, by this way the dish will be more attractive. Water from fungus suitable for cooking hot pot mushroom, noodle soup, etc.

The soups from vegetables:

When the cooking is soup from the vegetable, you should select the vegetables which have the peduncle, leave out the leaves and fried them and add water to boil Don’t boil them too long that will make the vegetable change yellow and smell bad for soup.

The soups from vegetables have natural sweetness that usually use for cooking soup, hot pot etc.

The soups from bulbs:

The tubers have the natural sweet taste, good for health it can be process with many dishes. Just peel the tubers, wash, cut pieces just eat, into the stew pot will have the best soup. But when the stew should pay attention, only use enough water to get all the sweet, and only add water when needed.

For high-starch tubers such as sweet potatoes, taro, and tapioca, do not use when you want to have a clear water, because when the long stew flour will cause turbidity. This type of water is suitable for soup, soup, sausage, fried.

The soups from seeds

To make the soups we can’t ignore the great ingredients to have the good soups that is the seeds.With seeds before used we have to boil them then separate the peel and stew it. This kind of soup can be used for curry dishes or sauce.

The soups from fruits

Include fresh and dried fruits: fruits such as corn, apples, pears … will be suit for stewed foods. Fresh fruits such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber will be the main ingredients when you want to cook the soup or soup broth, noodles … Vegetarian food is easy to cook and is popular with many people.


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