The wrong thoughts on Eating Vegetarianism


1. Fasting is not enough nutrients
I have to admit that when talking to 10 people about vegetarianism (note that these 10 people are eating salty). Nine people said that vegetarian is lack of substance, the other said: “I would rather die not vegetarian “(like vegetarian food is a drug). Each time, I just feel sorry for those who are often proud of their so-called scientific food but they actually do not know anything. According to the study “science” you know that vegetarian diets provide more energy and nutrition than meat diets. One of the most essential nutrients for the body is the protein that many people assume that eating meat provides enough protein for the body. In fact, our body does not need too much protein, and most foods, especially soybeans, can provide enough protein for us. In addition, fruits and vegetables also meet all the essential nutrients our bodies need, there are substances that meat foods can not provide. So, can not say vegetarian is lack of substance.

2. Vegetarianism is only for monks
Referring to vegetarianism, people often think of monks and Buddhists. A few people think of Westerners and dieters for treatment. According to myself, those who think so are quite old-fashioned. Because the vegetarian movement has been widespread in the world and even in Vietnam. Northerners are not very aware of vegetarianism, but it is easy to see a vegetarian in the South. And not all of them are monks. Nowadays, older people and even healthy young people have access to vegetarian food because they know that vegetarianism is for health, disease prevention, longevity and a peaceful world.

3. Fasting is a tasteless eating diet
One time my mother talked to my uncle that his mother was a vegetarian, and he asked, “is it a tasteless eating diet?” Perhaps it is thought that vegetarianism is tasteless eating, as opposed to salty eating predation. However, I find this a misleading misconception that not only malicious intent. Let me correct that vegetarianism is to eat foods from plants, other than eating salty (eating meat) is to eat foods derived from animals. When vegetarian, it is still possible to prepare “salty” dishes with normal condiments such as salt, soup, soy sauce, vegetarian seasoning sauce … So vegetarian dishes are as good tastes as the meat dishes.

4. Fasting to lose weight
I know that many fat people sometimes think of a vegetarian diet as a way to lose weight, but also think deeply from the vegetarian diet is to eat whole vegetables and lack of nutrients should reduce the fat. However, the reality is quite the opposite! The evidence is that our family is vegetarian in the first 3 months, each person in my family increased from 2 to 3 kg. My mother weighs no more than 47kg, but after switching to a vegetarian diet, her weight is always 52kg. This suggests that vegetarianism is not a viable way for people to lose weight. People who are skinny due to vegetarian diets are partly due to their inadequate diets that cause an imbalance and lack of substance in the body rather than a vegetarian nature that is lacking in nutrients. But that is not to say that vegetarianism does not help with weight loss. Once you have a full understanding of this diet, adjusting your weight is not going to be far off.

5. Fasting is quickly hungrier than eating meat.

Some people complain to me that, fasting, they quickly find themselves hungry and even tired than eating meat. Basically you accept a vegetarian diet in an uneasy mind, whether you recognize it or not. Referring to a vegetarian diet, a series of thoughts that vegetarian diets are lacking, vegetarian diets are tired, vegetarian diets are very boring. Then how can you vegetarian in mindfulness and delicious? And that thought also makes you feel that you are vegetarian so fast and hungry that you eat more meat. In addition, you do not know that fiber is a substance that keeps your belly full and stabilizes blood sugar to prevent appetite. In addition, the substances in the plants we eat provide enough nutrients and energy for us is no less in the meat, so if you are tired when vegetarian, you need to review your diet is reasonable. The High athletic athletes such as Venus William and Carmelo Anthony are vegetarians. If there is no health and toughness, how can they win?

Hope that you do not look at your senses for a review, review your eating habits for a healthy and good diet.

6. Vegetarianism can cause some illnesses
I heard a friend say that vegetarianism leads to brain atrophy and infertility. If you do not eat vegetarian and do not dare to eat vegetarian, I think you should not eat meat. Because millions of people are hospitalized with all sorts of illnesses from day to day, what do they eat? Are not they still eating meat every day? Anaphylaxis is caused by the body’s imbalance in some substances, resulting in organ function in the body is affected, malfunction. Therefore, no matter what the disease should not be blamed for eating vegetables or eat a lot that you should review your daily diet is adequate and meet the needs of the body.

7. Vegetarian do not have many dishes, bland
There are people who are obstructed by the vegetarian diet as they make the vegetarian dishes less and less bland because they only revolve around vegetables and beans. However, to list the plants we eat with livestock, poultry, seafood, we ensure that the foods from the vegetables are much larger. The thing is that you have to process and create new dishes from the food or not. Moreover, if you do not know how to cook vegetarian food, you can buy cooking books to learn to follow. Numerous books with thousands of fascinating vegetarian dishes. If you make the most of them, I guarantee that your vegetarian diet is not monotonous. You have to look for inspiration in cooking.

8. Thin and pregnant women should not be vegetarian
As I told the story of my family on it. Vegetarianism helps the whole family grow up after a few months. This is also true for many vegetarians whom they know. So, you have slim body, eat fat is not, do not worry when approaching the vegetarian. Perhaps, this is the opportunity for you to achieve the weight that long time now wish. If you are worried about vegetarian fat, affect your slim body is also assured that you just adjust your diet will certainly maintain that shape. With women in pregnancy with many changes in physiology, the rest assured that vegetarian diet provides enough nutrients to help mother and baby healthy. During this period, vegetarian diets help women avoid excessive weight gain, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. When eating well and variety of vegetables, tubers, fruits, the fetus develops evenly and healthy.

9. Just vegetarian on the full moon day, or the first day of lunar month is enough.

Many people, especially some older people, know that I’m vegetarian but they say that i should eat vegetarian on the full moon day, or the first day of lunar month is enough. I know that, because of such thinking, many people are only vegetarian on the full moon day, or the first day of lunar month. For me, the vegetarian diet is first to eat for themselves and eat for their health. So if the vegetarian is more, the longer the time, your health will be guaranteed. On the issue of spirituality and ethics, I think, Buddhism advises people not to kill. When I did not kill, I did not eat meat anymore. Do not eat meat, your body and mind are gentle, serene. Many animals do not die unjustly because of their need to eat meat. Therefore, I am vegetarian so they are not killed by human beings anymore. If you are Buddhist and vegetarian only on the full moon day, the first as a form, then it is not that you have obeyed what the Buddha and the Buddha in his mind will tell me whether it was right or not.

I know that there are many different reasons for the vegetarianism of many people being impeded. Song, derived from the benefits of yourself and those around you, beyond the life of the animals, I hope that you eat meat look back, spend some time re-reading the Scientific research on nutrition in order to become a vegetarian is intelligent and wise.

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