35- Vegan Meat Goat


  • 100% plan based food
  • Don’t contain borax and preservative substance
  • Good taste and safety
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Vegan Meat Goat is made from the best shiitake food which contain high nutrition. Dried shiitake have many uses in the cuisines of East Asia. In Japan, they are served in Miso soup, used as the basis for a kind of vegetarian Dashi, and as an ingredient in many steamed and simmered dishes. In Chinese cuisine, they are often saute in vegetarian dishes.

Vegan Meat Goat bring to the good mushrooms taste mixed with special spice creating the feeling like goat’s meat that create the best dishes in every meal.

Ingredients:Mushroom, veg. oil, salt, pepper, sugar, veg. seasonings, synthetic flavors.

Directions: Defrost, cooking curry, mushroom hot pot, Thai hot pot, stir-fried with lemongrass and chili, etc…

Storage:  -18OC (frozen).

Shelf life: 12 months from the manufacturing date

Package: 1kg, 500gr


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